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Join date: Mar 29, 2022


I have been a Green Bay Packer fan all of my life and I went to my first Packer game as Packermania on October 24, 2010. It was a great day as I got to see the Packers win in person for the first time (they have never won a game that I went to a Lambeau Field with the Packermania persona), but most importantly, the appreciation and love from the Packer fans was both unexpected and such a great feeling. From that day until now, I've had the privilege to be Packermania at 38 different games between preseason, regular season, and post season along with other events such as Return to Title Town and Brett Favre's Packer Hall of Fame Induction, and other events. I have been honored to be featured on television in local interviews and national shots from NBC, Fox, CBS, and ESPN, featured in newspapers, websites, and magazines, and have been able to meet some of the greatest people from tailgating to photo opportunities to cheering together during the big game. These are some of the greatest moments of my life and I can't say thank you enough to everyone Packermania has come across. That is the reason the Packermania Project was started.

The Packermania Project was created as a way to be able to give back to the communities and causes that have helped Packermania become a reality or have a spot in Packermania's heart. The Packermania Project officially became a reality in February of 2022, but the idea has been around for a while. Back in 2015, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had an autographed football donated for an auction for a charity event and it went for zero bids. Since the Packers and Bear have such a storied rivalry, I thought it would be fun to compete with Jay Cuter. I offered an autographed football for charity to the Children's Miracle Network representing the Children's Hospital of Milwaukee and bet that I could get more bids as a Packer fan than the Chicago Bears Quarterback. I also offered to match the winning bid since it was for a great cause. The auction went great, and Leo Smith won the auction with a bid of $400.00. I matched the bid and we donated $800.00 to the Children's Miracle Network through Wal Mart of Iron Mountain.

Packermania wanted to do more, but real-life events came into play. Finally, we are on process with the Packermania Project and in 2022, we are working on several projects. On February 11, Packermania announced the first ever Packermania Scholarship for Iron Mountain High School and Packermania is also taking donations for a Polar Plunge to help with the Special Olympics of Wisconsin. We hope to keep The Packermania Project alive and help great causes.


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